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As a prospect requests information from our capture pages, their information is delivered to you in real time.

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You can choose leads by area code or state. Never oversold. Never incentivized. Always guaranteed.

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What Clients Are Saying:

“Rich, I’m 54. I’ve been in sales since I was 16. I’ve never done business with family or friends. I feel it would be taking advantage of our friendship and it would obligate me. My attitude is a major stumbling block towards success in MLM. I never knew that you could buy leads of people ready willing and able to do MLM. It’s a whole new ball game. I first purchased the real time landing page leads. They were real and I was able to get a hold of and talk to most of them. They weren’t quite what I was looking for. I called customer service and they switched my order after the fact to the real time interviewed leads with no questions asked and a how can SnL Leads help you succeed attitude.” – Willie Hartness

 “I wanted to take a moment and THANK YOU for your services. I was using an auto dialer for nearly a month and I can not even begin to tell you the negatives that came from the folks I dialed. I also don’t even want to count the number of answering machines I left messages on. ONE week using Your system and I have talked and booked appointments at least triple what I was doing and cut my time involved drastically. I love it! These leads are GOOD, SOLID, QUALIFIED leads. Phone interviewed leads is the way to go. Can’t wait to see what the RTSF leads will do. Day one on that and I am impressed so far. Thanks to ALL!” - Dale Roberts

 “Hi SnL Leads,I have found your leads to be great… 3 sign ups out of 35 leads, awesome! The only time I use your leads is when I want to sign someone up :) . Thanks!” – Jim Morse


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